What is Craft Lovers?

One of the first quilts Richard made

Craft Lovers is a site for people that well Love Crafts.

Created by Richard Healey founder of Richard and Tanya quilts. As a Web Development prject to imporve his development skills as well as to share his love of crafts. Richard started quilting when his his wife Tanya became pregnaunt with their 4th child and he realized that he did not have a quilt for his new baby to be. He first went to his mother and asked her for a quilt and was told that she was too old to quilt. He then went to his grandmother and was told the same thing. He quickly moved on to his wifes mother and her grandmother and got the same answer. This of course left him with one obious answer. He/I went to my wife and told her to make me a quilt.

While I under estimated the pregnency hormones and realized asking a pregnant women to quilt a quilt was well not the smartest thing in the world to do. Long story short I am a software enginer I have been to school and know many thing an am pretty smart. I figure I could learn to do about any thing. Why not quilt a quilt. So using Google I went about figuring out what it took to make quilts. I figured out I needed a sewing machine, some thread, some material, a pattern. How hard can this really be. I watched my mom make many quilts as a kid.

This time being a little more sensitive I went back to my wife and asked her to help me pick out a sewing machine and she helped me pick some materials and the first pattern and I made my first quilt. At almost the same time I also started to blog First Blog Post at first my blog was called Richard Quilts, as at first my wife was pregnaunt and well had no desire to quilt. My teenage son James later one day offered to make me a logo for my blog and created the Richard and Tanya Quilts logo which was funny to say Long before Tanya ever quilted. She now also quilts and we are now a quilting family.

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