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3 Jars of 2 oz Apple Cinnamon Shea Cream for Hands & Feet

Tosh & Sam's Soaps Our Shea Cream is a excellent moisturizer for dry hands and feet. It's a heavy moisturizer it helps with those dry winter hands. Also wonderful after gardening. Great to soften up dry feet with cracks, put on at night and in the morning. Helps to soften feet after a summer time of sandals. Wonderful for those of us who work with paper all day keeps them good and moist. Enjoy adding your own Fragrances or Essential Oils to this unscented base. Perfect with a couple drops of your favorite oil. ~ Shipping for 3 jars. You are welcome to choose any combination of scents. Just tell me choices in the message to seller when you check out ~
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Height 2 Ounces
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